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Founded in 2016 by tubist Tristan Whalen-Hughes, The Ottawa Brass Initiative is a collective of brass musicians dedicated to inspiring a passion, particularly among youths, for music and brass instruments through high quality performances and educational outreach in the National Capital Region.

To that end, its members teach privately, perform shows for children, conduct instrument and band clinics, busk in the streets, and produce public concerts. Members of TOBI have performance experience in a wide range of ensembles including funk and jazz bands, chamber ensembles, military bands, and symphony orchestras as well as teaching experience in private, group, and lecture settings.


TOBI’s members can form ensembles of all sizes ranging from duos and trios to large brass ensembles. The most common ensemble configuration for TOBI is as a brass quintet. This ensemble is particularly versatile and, in addition to performing at TOBI-run events, can be contracted to perform at private functions.


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